Can Detroit Go Green?

Spurred by a Supreme Court ruling this week, environmental activists are stepping up pressure on carmakers to cut down on CO2 emissions. Will Detroit get the message? Backstage at the auto show. Read full Newsweek article by Keith Naughton


One response to “Can Detroit Go Green?

  1. It’s going to be a plus for the auto makers to get this show on the road. With all of the ingenuity in the country, why not find out what is available for design of new ways to reduce pollution. Even if it is not economical for low income people to buy the hybrid cars, let’s see what alternatives we can come up with. Detroit, we’re counting on you!
    Deb Fowler
    ps. I would love to be a spokesperson for you; am a returning student and taking environment courses. (I am a baby-boomer that wants to make a difference!
    call me at 815-282-1855

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